Changing Careers?
Put Yourself in Charge.

New Guide helps readers successfully adapt to change.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – In “Leaders in Transition” (ISBN 1468145495), Dr. Steve Broe shares his interviews with 33 people who have successfully changed careers. Broe’s guide to starting a new career helps readers facing such transitions become a leader in their new field.

He discusses the challenges that come with starting a career that’s different from what you’re used to and emerging as a leader. Broe pays particular attention to the influence over other people and the ability to collaborate and build teams as a leader in a new environment. He believes including real examples of people who have gone through career changes will offer readers a practical view of his message.

Live your Dream as a Leader

“The readers will be able to hear the examples and stories of real people who have changed career paths successfully,” Broe says. “The advantage to the voice of experience will be that readers will be able to nod their heads and say, ‘I see how that works’ or ‘that reminds me of someone.”

After completing a dissertation with military veterans about their career change into teaching, Broe was inspired by the answers he received from them about leadership roles and their stories of changing careers. He claims his book speaks to readers who want to work in an entirely new and different way and make an impact in the world as a leader.

Broe hopes his book will be used as a guide for becoming a person in charge even though their way of working has changed. He knows “Leaders in Transition” will serve as an inspiration to readers as they work to achieve what they truly desire in life and their careers.

“Leaders in Transition” is available for sale online at and other channels.

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